My research into finding a great toilet

I have taken a lot of time and effort this week to find a toilet that fits the household requirements. Truthfully, we want something that has a decent flush that still doesn’t consume the amount of water the old style flushing systems do. I think that the ball park figure for those was something crazy like three and a half gallons with each flush. We will be looking for the complete opposite of this. A environmentally friendly toilet that consumes less than one point six gallons, and preferably as low as one point two eight.

Quite specific requirements, but from my research around the web, there is plenty of toilets that meet them. Whilst that is the most important feature we’re looking into, there are still plenty of other considerations like the seat height, do we want a bidet or not, and bowl shape. We don’t want to overlook these as we want the full package, and finding the best rated toilets often means looking into each of these things individually to find something that fits your bathroom size and shape. has some useful information, toilet reviews and much more in this regard.

We are leaning towards getting a KOHLER, simply because the amount of choice they bring to the table. They offer plenty of efficient options that look fantastic. In fact the Memoirs stately comfort is one of the first products that caught my eye, but it doesn’t look like our rough in matches. So the search goes on for a toilet that provides a ten inch rough in.

The bowl will need to be smooth, and made from china to ensure that when water pours into it, the area self cleans easily. It will also have to be a somewhat elongated shape and of a comfortable chair height.

Then there are several accessories that go hand in hand with all this, and that whether or not we need a soft close toilet seat, a bidet, or even a heated seat. These are all things we’re taking into account and I must admit, it’s tempting to make a rash decision when you look at the technology that helps ensure user comfort. We are however leaning towards getting the bidet attachment, it seems the way forward, and much more hygienic than the old style.