My blog documenting home life in the Clarence household

As the forth child, growing up was tough, but it was handy having other siblings around to rely on. We all went to the same school, lived under the same roof, and hung out together in our spare time. We were all within 5 years apart of one another in age, so we still had plenty in common to chat about.

This blog is dedicated to the fun times, and current problems life throws at us all, and how we have all pulled through them. In time, you will be hearing from each of the siblings with some fantastic stories to share with you all.

Growing up in a leafy suburb, somewhere in the bible belt of the good ol’ USA were 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. We had an amazing old house that had tons of space, and acres of green fields and woods to run about in. It was the perfect location for hide and seek and whatever else we wanted to do.

our old houseWe had a ball making our own tree house in the back yard, which on a recent visit to the old property – whom a friend purchased from our parents, is still intact, albeit a few rotting pieces of wood. Not sure if it’s safe to climb up there, but it truly was a work of art for us. It looked terrible on the outside, but once you got inside, it was transformed into a secret hideout, which was fantastic.

We also had a small pen where we kept chickens for fresh eggs for breakfast. Gone are those pens, but the old house is still looking great.

Today, I live in a more modest property, which is nothing to get excited about, but it’s perfect for myself and my husbands needs. We have recently embarked on a project to re-fit most of the house from the ground up. Why, I hear you ask, don’t we just purchase a new build? Well, that’s because it’s in a great location, and should we wish to start a family of our own soon, this is where I would want to raise it.

Anyway, back to the home improvement work needing to be done, we are aiming to completely overhaul the living area, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and the back yard. We are also considering putting a new driveway in place of the front lawn, as street parking has become a nightmare in our locality. So the bottom line is, you will be hearing a lot more about these projects as we work on them.

In fact, we have already been going through as many DIY guides online like those onĀ Do it yourself. There is a lot to take in, but we’re working on that, and are beginning to put plans in place to start with some simple demolition work on the back end of the property. So we will soon see what our capabilities are ourselves. It may be that we need to enlist a builder, but we want to try it our way at first. Here’s to hoping that’s not a big mistake.