Fitting a new heating system

Problems arose when we first moved in with how cold each of the most used rooms were. For example, the living area, dining room, and bedrooms were far too chilly and we had to buy a top rated wood stove or two to improve the warmth distributed throughout the house. It’s a great temporary solution for the whole house, but we need something more permanent in place in time. This is what my husband will be working on over the next couple of months.

The wood stoves won’t go to waste however. They will be used in the living area, slotting into the old fireplace next to our television set. In fact, we have been looking at getting another one for the kitchen, which can get a bit chilly as well. I’ve had a look at reviews online on the Warm Home Guide¬†who have some fantastic buying guides showing what the best wood stoves are, and they organize them from the top rated, to the lowest. This has saved us a bit of time and money, as we now have one model in mind that should do the job nicely.

Then there will be the task of knocking down multiple walls in several different rooms, to fit them with insulating products and retain heat better, especially in the winter months. Not only that, but it will keep the heat out in the summer months where it can get blisteringly hot down here.

The sooner this is done the better in our eyes because it paves the way for the rest of the work including decorating the walls with wallpaper, tiles and paint. But we can’t do any of that till the walling is well insulated.

It’s going to be a long couple of months, but we can see the changes having an enormous effect on how we feel in day to day life. What we don’t want, is visitors coming round the house and complaining how cold it is. That would be quite embarrassing, wouldn’t it? So hopefully we will avoid that once the main changes are in place.

One thing we didn’t mention, is that we are also looking at getting some kind of floor heating, because of the old floorboards are letting a bit too much cold air through, making everyone’s feet cold when they walk around the house without shoes. Not quite sure what the solution is yet, but there does appear to be some electric mat solutions online that we will be ¬†researching further into.