A day out at the garden center

My worst nightmare came true¬†this week. We spent what seemed like several hours at the local garden center to buy some flowers for the new flower boxes i’m tasked with fitting. Now, not many men like shopping, but shopping for plants and stuff? No thank you!

I feel it’s not something I should even turn up for as anything I pick out gets immediately shot down. How about this one? No, no, that’s horrible, I don’t like the colors. Yes I’m mad. Don’t like my choices, don’t bring me along.

Anyway, after what felt like an age, we ended up bringing back some lawn care items, about fifteen plant pots, some other pond accessories, and a mini fountain birdbath. Barely fit in the back of the car and could easily of been two trips. Absolute nightmare. However, the following day was a Sunday, so I was expecting a lie in, but woke up to the nagging of ‘can you help plant these flowers’ etc.

So after several more hours of working outdoors, still tired from the previous days antics, there I am planting everything and then I’m asked to move it. Bad day for me is an understatement.

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