Prof. Dr.-Ing. Janos Bogardi
Dear Visitor,
Welcome to the official EFMSV website. First of all I would like to thank all partners, supporters and donors for their dedicated support that made the success of the conference possible.
300 participants from 60 different countries including representatives from academia, public offices and ministries, NGOs, donors and humanitarian organisations met in Bonn at the EFMSV conference. Over 3 days we engaged in debates about the sensitive and complex interplay of migration, environmental degradation and social vulnerability.
We were pleased to host this highly relevant conference exactly at a time when the issue of climate change and its linkages with migration is increasingly discussed in policy making debates at local, national and international levels.
The conference provided an encompassing overview over the current debate and was at the same time conceived to allow in-depth discussions of specific topics and themes.
One of the conference outcomes were the “Bonn Points”. This concept is a point of departure for various future events such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2008 in Poznań and the COP 15 in Copenhagen, the March 2009 World Water Forum in Istanbul or the April Expert Meeting on Environmental Change and Migration in Munich. These are some of various events where the topic of environmentally induced migration has to be addressed.
To learn more about the EFMSV conference, please feel free to explore this website. Here you can find the latest news, selected speeches, presentations and outcomes as well as photos.
We also would like to thank all participants for coming to Bonn and participating actively in this successful and path breaking conference on this very important issue.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Janos Bogardi
Director UNU-EHS, Vice-Rector in Europe, a.i.


  • Preliminary Findings of EACH-FOR Research Published Now!
    The researchers of EACH-FOR are happy to present preliminary findings of 19 case studies. The case studies revealed linkages between environmental degradation and migration. All in all 22 case studies in nine regions have been conducted, where researchers assessed the causes of (forced) migration with a special focus on environmental degradation. This report can be considered a milestone of their work.
    Learn more about the findings by downloading the Preliminary Findings October
  • New European Parliament Declaration on Climate Migrations
    A declaration was adopted at the Conference on Climate Migrations organised in the European Parliament, Brussels, on June 11th 2008 by the Greens/EFA group. It gathers reports, analysis and possibilities of actions identified during the conference.
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